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Locker Room Access, presents Buffs Unite: an immersive platform fostering a deeper bond between CU's passionate supporters and their cherished student-athletes. Embark on a journey filled with exclusive content, from in-depth interviews and captivating mini-series to candid behind-the-scenes vlogs, offering an unparalleled insight into the lives of our Buffaloes.

This subscription exists entirely to benefit student athletes. 100% of revenue generated from this subscription goes to the Buffs4Life NIL Collective.

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What's the motivation behind Buffs Unite?

Our primary aim is to let fans get closer to student-athletes, allowing them to showcase their personalities and stories.

What does NIL stand for and why is it important for student-athletes?

NIL stands for Name, Image, and Likeness. It represents the rights of individuals, in this case student-athletes, to earn compensation from their own name, image, or likeness. With recent changes in NCAA policies, student-athletes can now benefit financially from their NIL, allowing them to be rewarded for their dedication, talent, and marketability without jeopardizing their eligibility.

How does Buffs Unite support the NIL rights of student-athletes?

Buffs Unite, offers a platform where student-athletes can showcase their personalities, talents, and stories. By presenting exclusive content such as interviews, mini-series, and vlogs, student-athletes have the opportunity to amplify their brand and earn from their NIL rights through sponsorships, content creation, and partnerships.

How does the Buffs Unite subscription benefit the Colorado student-athletes directly?

Every subscription to Buffs Unite contributes to the financial support of Colorado student-athletes. The revenue generated aids in their career development, provides compensation opportunities through NIL activities, and helps them navigate the complexities of sponsorships and partnerships in the collegiate sports ecosystem.

Can businesses partner with Buffs Unite or BUFFS4LIFE for athlete sponsorships?

Yes, businesses can collaborate with Buffs Unite and BUFFS4LIFE to create sponsorships or partnerships that align with their brand and objectives. These partnerships not only support the student-athletes but also offer businesses a unique way to engage with the Colorado community and its passionate fanbase.

How does Buffs Unite ensure that student-athletes stay compliant with University, NCAA, state, and federal policies regarding NIL?

BUFFS4LIFE is deeply committed to the well-being and success of Colorado student-athletes. We continuously monitor and update our practices in line with the latest University, NCAA, state, and federal policies and legislation on NIL. Additionally, we provide resources and education to our student-athletes to ensure they remain informed and compliant.

What is Locker Room Access and how is it related to the Buffs Unite subscription?

Locker Room Access is a platform founded by former athletes with the primary mission of benefiting current student-athletes. The Buffs Unite subscription is hosted on Locker Room Access, offering fans a unique way to connect with and support their favorite Colorado student-athletes through exclusive content and opportunities.

How does Locker Room Access ensure that subscription revenues directly benefit the players?

At the heart of Locker Room Access is the commitment to uplift and support student-athletes. We take no commission on subscription revenue. Every penny generated from the Buffs Unite subscription goes directly towards the players and collectives, ensuring they reap the full benefits of their efforts, talents, and brand.

Why does Locker Room Access choose to forgo commission on subscription revenue?

Locker Room Access was founded on the principle of keeping profits with the players. Our ethos is to serve as a platform that amplifies the voices, stories, and talents of student-athletes. By forgoing commission, we ensure that maximum revenue flows back to the players, further emphasizing our dedication to their growth, success, and well-being.